We are a network of photographers that have been covering events in Cape Town and the Winelands since 2004.

Long term relationships is one of the core values of our business and delivering the best service in Cape Town is what we strive to.

All about the story

As with  all our other photography we really believe that telling stories is one of the things that truly make’s us human. With Event or corporate photography we will always try to figure out what is the story that needs to be told. This include’s the big picture wide angles down to the details on the tables and all the moments in between.

Editing hours

Cape Town Event Photographers

Cape Town and the winelands has really grown the past few years to one of the major conference and event hotspots in South Africa.

Obviously with Cape Town’s natural beauty, friendly people and competitive currency it is no surprise that we have seen this boom in recent years.

We have been corporate and event photographers since the beginning and are truly blessed to have seen this industry blossom.

Types of Events we do

Corporate Events

Trade shows
Marketing events
Corporate Dinners
Media Events
Product launches

Social Events

Cocktail Receptions
Fund Raisers
Private events
Art Openings


Political events
Community Events
Public relations
Award presentations
Red Carpet
VIP events
Golf Days

What you can expect

Extension of your brand/Company

When employed by your company we know that we are an extension of your company and company values. The means we understand that you took years to build your character and company culture. We will at all times be on time, be courteous and friendly with your guests and accommodate any requests where possible. This also means we will dress to fit in where possible.


We request a brief from you to ensure EXACTLY what your expectations and goals are for your event. Once we have this we will quietly go on and get the job done. No need to hold our hands at any stage. If needed we will improvise and problem solve when we need to

Branding and signage

In this visual world we understand the importance of branding and signage and will always try to include this to ensure you get maximum brand exposure. Sometimes this may mean to ask peope to just move a little bit to get his in the background.

Previous clients include:


We love showing lively, vibrant, soulful events. We want your staff and guests to look good in the photos and this will always be our goal with every photo taken. We use flash lighting when needed.
WE try to remain in the background as far possible not take any attention away from your event. If needed we can work with groups to achieve what you want.


I have done corporate photography under almost every condition imaginable and tapping into years of experience we have learn’t to do deal with every situation, challenge or personality. From the CEO of a Billion Rand company down to someone’s little 3 year old niece.
We try to be unobtrusive and in the background but we organize people and get stuff done when we need to.



Not only have do we have proper backup equipment ready for any unforeseen circumstance, but we also have a network of photographers which means that should something happen we will always have someone to cover the event.


Mix of photos

We will always try to get a wide variety of photos. We need to tell the story of your event. Which includes wide angle photos, speakers, people interacting, Behind the scenes,


Turnaround time
(24 Hours)

With digital being so current we know you need the final product asap.

Depending on the event and time we will always try to get the photos ready and delivered electronically within 24Hours.


Instant access

If speed is really of the utmost importance we can shoot a setup where the photos can be delivered via Wi-Fi directly from the camera to your laptop or phone as the event progress. This means your social media people can almost live tweet/Share the event as it happens.

Headshot Station

We can also set up a headshot station in the foyer of your event. Why not finally get that headshots done or add value for your delegates. Contact us for rates.

Video Services

We also can provide Video recording and editing services for your event. Contact us for rates

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