2 Hours – (minimum) – R4 000

Considering all the prep work that needs to be done for a shoot 2 Hours is the minimum time that you can book an event or shoot.

4 Hours (Half day) – R6500

Most Popular option with Corporate and event companies. Normally enough time for launches, events etc.

8 Hours (Full day) – R8500

Works great for full day conferrance or events. You decide on start and/or finishing time

More than 1 day

Special rates will apply. Please contact us for a qoute

Please note our rates are based on SAFREA Reccomended rates.

Safrea works to raise the professional standing of freelancers in the media and communications industry, promoting professional standards and ethical conduct by both freelancers and their clients.

Obviously every project is different and costing will vary according to your needs.
Please give us a full brief of what you need and we wil qoute accordingly.

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